Our Services

We like to talk through your issues and guide you towards the best solutions for you.

Or you can choose a discrete service or report.

We will only recommend services that we believe will be of genuine benefit to you.

Winning Pitch

If you are preparing a pitch and want to make it outstanding, then we can help. We can advise by working with you on the personality types involved, how you might best communicate with them in order to win them over, as well as reviewing, writing and designing the documentation and elements to help bring your pitch to life.

Design & Branding

Our highly skilled design team are marketeers and so approach your work with a level of understanding which is rare in the design world.

We work with you to produce images and brands that compliment your business and reflect what it is all about.

Law, Accountancy & Professional Services

We have highly specialised knowledge of these sectors and we understand the needs of partners. We can undertake small or major projects. See our impressive client base in this area – the likes of MediaCom, Deloitte and Ernst & Young.

Strategy & Planning

We can guide you through this process. We will also produce an action plan – a strategy is not much use unless you are clear about how to implement it.

Executive / Partner Profile Building & Communications Support

We have worked with owners, partners and executives who have felt they needed support with their own internal and external communications, networking or reputation enhancement.

We have also enhanced the development of professionals looking to become partner in a professional firm.

Board Advisor

We are experienced at governance in business, charitable and political spheres. We can act as an advisor to the Board in order to provide another view point for SMEs to advise or to direct towards particular business ambitions. We can also take on non-exec directorships.

Blue Sky Thinking

We can help you consider a new issue or encourage new thinking and ideas through brainstorming sessions and facilitating meetings for you. We can also produce reports/strategies and action plans on new business areas or develop service lines further for you with your input.

Business Start-Ups

We can help you plan for your new business. We can put together a brand image based on what you are trying to do and produce your business cards and website. We can help you develop a marketing plan and a timetable of actions to keep you on track. We can put together a package that suits you, your needs and your budget.

Recruitment Support

If you are looking to recruit marketing personnel for your business, we can review candidates and be present at interviews to give a professional, skills based opinion.

Staff Cover

We can cover for maternity leave, illness or whilst recruiting. It does not have to be full time, but enough to give your business the support it needs.

Journalist / Copy Writing

We can produce your in-house newsletters and conduct interviews with clients or special guests at conferences.

Our principal consultant is Worldwide Vice Chair of the Society of Women Writers and Journalists.


We run a variety of courses, see our facebook page for news of our latest courses or get in touch with us. We can also produce tailored courses for your staff on or off site.

Your Team

We can become your in-house team. You can use as much or as little as you want to and you can work on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.

Pick & Mix Services

You can also opt for something specific from our tool kit, whether it be public relations, branding, project management or copy writing, we can help. Advice on networking, social media or customer relationships, training, customer relationships and target markets market research.