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How to open-up options and regain control when your business is at risk?

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Rebecca interviewed Smith and Williamson partner, Tim Sloggett and David Stone, CEO of Prompt Strategies Business Turnaround and Transformation specialists 

The partnership on this was helpful for both Tim and David and it showcased their expertise. Participants sent messages saying it was an excellent and engaging format. There was practically no drop out rate.

The session was helpful for businesses facing scenarios caused by the Pandemic such as;

  • Concerns that that they may not be able to repay debts;
  • A funding request rejected by the Bank;
  • An eroding cash position;
  • Reliance on a single plan or event to secure their future;
  • Considering whether to close their business.

Tim Sloggett, partner at Smith and Williamson

Rebecca Harding becomes Associate Director, SEO Projects Ltd.

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Rebecca Harding was thrilled to be asked to become associate director of SEO Projects Ltd – logistics specialists. They are working together on some exciting research for Cambridge Business School… But best of all, after meetings, the MD Bruce Wainright tries to teach herto fly! Yay!