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The Impact of SMEs On The European Economy: Conversational Briefings.

Rebecca is proud to be part of this. Dani Saghafi and Prof. Robin Jarvis explore the most pressing challenges facing European SMEs and family businesses with experts:
David Harvey
Paul Thompson
Luc Hendrickx
Rebecca Harding
Ali Ahmadian


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Generation Panic

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Rebecca interviews executive coach and author, Agi Heale, about her new book ‘Generation Panic’


Agi Heale - Generation Panic interview

Certified Professional Executive Coach & Workshop Facilitator, Agi Heale, is interviewed by Rebecca Harding, Chairman of the Society of Women Writers and Journalists. Now based in Singapore, having lived and worked in the US, Hong Kong and the UK, Agi works with high achieving clients across the world. She has just published her book ‘Generation Panic’. This is a guide and companion for anyone struggling under the weight of a demanding, fast-paced life. Click the image to access the interview.


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t.Picture of the book Pitching for Lawyers

Pitching for Lawyers by Rebecca Harding: 5 STARS

Pitching for Lawyers: Using Marketing Communications Techniques to Improve your Win Ratio

This Special Report focuses on improving the performance of lawyers in one of the most challenging areas of their work: pitching for business. In a market place that is becoming progressively more competitive and overcrowded, differentiating your work from the competition and winning is essential for the future of your firm. Whether it’s pitching to a group, responding to a tender or meeting with an individual, using a combination of marketing communication techniques and in-depth audience analysis to prepare properly will improve the quality of your pitch and increase your success rate. You will stand out from the crowd. This unmissable report will give you a practical approach and a clear process to improve your pitching and responses to tenders. It covers areas such as common mistakes, in depth analysis of your audience, messaging and tone, persuading, what researching really means when pitching, visual differentiation, and cross border pitching. It also includes feedback and case studies from in house lawyers and partners, who have seen or made the worst of pitches, and the most outstanding. Have a look at the Amazon review below. It has received 5 star ratings on Goodreads too.

Click here to buy your copy from amazon

Review of book

5 star review for the book Pitching for Lawyers – see on Amazon and Goodreads

Phillip Taylor MBE

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 February 2020


An appreciation by Elizabeth Robson Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers and Phillip Taylor MBE, Head of Chambers, Reviews Editor, “The Barrister”, and Mediator

As law firms as well as barristers’ chambers find themselves in need of acquiring new business, the basic principles and processes of how to do this are succinctly encapsulated in this new report from Globe Law & Business in which the focus is on ‘pitching.’

Granted, the very word ‘pitch’ may be anathema to a lot of lawyers who might regard the very idea of ‘pitching’ as quite beneath them. This is rather a pity really, in that persuasion in many of its forms is an intrinsic part of advocacy. Most lawyers, however, even those with reservations about ‘pitching’ will, almost without a doubt, find themselves captivated by this publication, which takes a refreshingly open-minded, big-hearted — and very professional — look at ‘pitching.’

On reading this Report, you could infer that its key message about pitching is that ‘it isn’t about you.’ It’s about your client, or more precisely, about your potential client, with whom you’d love to do business. The process, says the author, ‘is about sorting out a whole bunch of problems for your client. What you are trying to do is give them the information they need to make a decision.’

While the report takes you through the entire process of pitching, you are reassured by the author that, as every situation —and every client is different, you don’t have to follow its recommendations in their entirety. You can cherry-pick the methods that are obviously relevant and appropriate in order to improve your approach in the hope, presumably, that potential pitfalls can be avoided.

‘Pitching,’ says the author ‘is a learning process,’ adding that ‘it is a long-term activity and investment needs to be made in positive learning and development for the whole team.’ You are also reminded here not to blame members of your team if mistakes have been made, implying that positive and encouraging attitudes will ultimately win the day.

Winning at all costs, however, is not the answer. Neither are relentlessly demanding targets. No one is born knowing how to win new business. It’s a learned skill. Which is why we who are on the prowl for new business, are urged to be ‘kinder to ourselves.’ As the author reminds us, we need to be ‘realistic about what is possible… in order to increase our chances of winning.’

In the final analysis, this report functions as an expert and informed guide to the pitch processes — and positive attitudes — that really work. As such, it is an ever-present help both for law firms and barristers’ chambers. Sensible and succinct, it’s entertaining as well as informative. Anyone in the legal profession eager to develop new business would do well to read it.

How to open-up options and regain control when your business is at risk?

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Rebecca interviewed Smith and Williamson partner, Tim Sloggett and David Stone, CEO of Prompt Strategies Business Turnaround and Transformation specialists 

The partnership on this was helpful for both Tim and David and it showcased their expertise. Participants sent messages saying it was an excellent and engaging format. There was practically no drop out rate.

The session was helpful for businesses facing scenarios caused by the Pandemic such as;

  • Concerns that that they may not be able to repay debts;
  • A funding request rejected by the Bank;
  • An eroding cash position;
  • Reliance on a single plan or event to secure their future;
  • Considering whether to close their business.

Tim Sloggett, partner at Smith and Williamson

Licensed premises: the impact of COVID

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Rebecca Harding interviews licensing expert and barrister, Duncan Craig

This interview helped Duncan to secure work. He has so far had over 3000 hits and has had a great deal of positive feedback via Linked In. He used it on his personal website, as well as on the Citadel Chambers website. Click title for link to interview.

Jools Holland tour headliner launches single with Saltwhistle

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Jools Holland tour headliner and support act, Steven Sproat, has launched his new single “Too High Too Quickly” with support from Saltwhistle.
He has played all the cutting edge UK music venues, having headlined at Ronnie Scots, the Mean Fiddler and the Stables, as well as having performed internationally from New York to Singapore.  He’s had 5 successful albums and has had regular airtime on Radio 2. He is also a best selling author.  He has taught music to Harry Hill, Sir Tom Courtenay, Nicky Campbell and Frank Skinner. He has also made Channel 4 musical documentaries with Frank Skinner.
His single “Too High Too Quickly” is available on ITunes  and Amazon

Rebecca Harding becomes Associate Director, SEO Projects Ltd.

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Rebecca Harding was thrilled to be asked to become associate director of SEO Projects Ltd – logistics specialists. They are working together on some exciting research for Cambridge Business School… But best of all, after meetings, the MD Bruce Wainright tries to teach herto fly! Yay!